February 2015

February 6, 2015

We are getting reports via social media that the infamous Kiss The Bride Man may try to crash the Bridal Show taking place at the Chancellor Hotel in Fayetteville Arkansas. Somehow the Kiss The Bride Man also got a hold some of our prizes and Honeymoon Giveaways.  Rest assure, that all prizes will be honored. We expect that he may try to give them away at this Sunday's Bridal Show. It has been reported that this ''trouble maker '' seeks unsuspecting brides with the goal to '' KISS '' them with his Pink Gigantic Lips! If you fall victim to the Kiss The Bride Man Kisses, be sure to take any photos of this goof ball and post it onto your facebook, instagram, or pinterest page. We need to work together to have the Kiss The Bride Man stopped.

Other than that, we are recommending that you arrive on time for the Bridal Show. It will be a huge hit!!!

Your Producer,

Ralph Desuse

February 3, 2015

For the Cake Dive, Rogers Jewelers will donate a Royal Jewels Collection, Natural Faceted Opaque Ruby and White Topaz Sterling Silver Necklace.  https://www.facebook.com/RogersShine

Special thanks to Nellie B's Bakery who is probably working on our giant cake as we speak. 

Brides, get ready to be selected to particpate in the Kiss The Bride Cake Dive. Thier are 4 hershey Kisses hidden inside the cake. The first bride to find a hershey kiss as you sift through our cream filled giant massive cake, will win the beautiful Jewelry Necklace from Rogers Jewelers.

February 2, 2015

You may want to register to attend and arrive early to receive your SWAG with a Bundle of Cash. Another reason to make it a plan to attend this Sunday's Exciting Bridal Show happening at the Chancellor Hotel in Fayetteville Arkansas. We are not talking about vouchers, actual cash!! Thanks to our many sponsors such as Premier Jewelry, Century Sounds, Market Place Grill, Intercut Productions, Paparaazi Accessories who are donating CASH.  You will find these wedding experts at the Bridal Show. Be sure to thank them for being a Bundle of Cash Sponsor!!!


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